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This is not your classic FAQ page. It is merely the result of compiling answers to frequently asked questions, to give an insight into how we work, our CD, DVD and Vinyl manufacturing processes and the principle that drives our production ethos.

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Vinyl Formats

7 inch vinyl icon

7″s (often referred to as 45s) can be cut at 45rpm or 33⅓rpm. When cut at 33⅓rpm you can have more minutes per side, yet the sound quality deteriorates the more content you want to press on a record (hence we suggest that you rather enlarge the format than compress the content and stick with 45rpm for a 7″).

You have a choice of 7″ records with small and large (jukebox style) centre holes. 7″ can be made as heavier vinyl versions (70g instead of 40g) if preferred.


Mastering icon

The mastering process starts with checking the supplied audio master, to ensure that it is suitable for the cutting and production of vinyl records. We use a Neumann Lathe to transcribe the final version of the audio onto a physical carrier by cutting the grooves into a lacquer. We do not currently use Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) for cutting vinyl audio masters.


Standard Colours icon

The standard, most commonly ordered colour is black vinyl, which provides you with the best sound quality, due to the purity of the material.

Naturally we happily press your record on a variety of different colours or blend/combine colours to create something truly unique.


Vinyl Manufacturing icon

Whilst essentially pressing records is an age old technology there have been modifications to make it more efficient such as electronically controlled presses. The basic principle is that we start with a hydraulic press fitted with two pre-heated moulds and fitted with stampers (which holds your music!).

The pre-heated vinyl matter is forced into the machine and sandwiched between two completely dry labels and the stampers are copied exactly into the vinyl matter. During this process the labels and vinyl matter are pressed under a pressure of 100 or more tons at a temperature of 160°C (345°F).

After the pressing mould is sufficiently cooled, the press opens and the vinyl record is removed, trimmed to the required size and visually inspected.

Print & Packaging

Labels & Stickers icon

One of the most straight forward print items. We offer standard sized labels with small center holes, either blank white or printed 1 to 4 colours, CMYK or Pantone on 150gsm. The labels are kiln dried to remove all humidity before being pressed into the vinyl.

We print up to 4 colour round stickers in various sizes for promotional labelling or shaped stickers in virtually any size. Please specify your needs at the point of order and we provide you with guidelines on the available options.

CD & DVD Manufacturing

CD & DVD Pressing icon

Yes, we also do CD and DVD replication. Audio & Video digital media has been an integral part of our production line and we still maintain one of Europe’s largest replication facilities.

Order Process

Pre-Mastering Specs icon


When you place a vinyl manufacturing order with us we will send you a pre-mastering specification form. The form is designed to capture every essential detail so we can faithfully reproduce your audio files on vinyl.

We ask you to complete this even if you supply us with lacquers instead of WAV files and especially if you do not want to have test pressings prior to production.

The form is fully interactive and allows you to specify all aspects of mastering as well as any special instructions you want us to adhere to.

Shipping & Payment

Payment - Euro icon

Currency & Discounts

All our prices are in EURO (€). We do not offer early payment or other discounts unless we have agreed to this in writing.

Credit Terms

Please speak to us to find out how to open a credit account. Please note, we may require guarantees additional to any references that we may obtain, before we extend credit facilities.

PayPal & Cards

We accept payment by credit card via PayPal or PayPal payments subject to additional fees. Please liaise with your account manager to discuss details.

Office Locations

Head Office Austria icon

Otto-Baumgartner-Straße 4
8055 Seiersberg-Pirka

Download your Templates

Popular Vinyl Templates

12″ Vinyl in 3mm Sleeve, Printed Inner Sleeve
This pack contains templates for a Vinyl Label, Inner Sleeve and Outer Sleeve with 3mm Spine for 12″ Vinyl:

  • TD-10 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Sleeve 3mm Spine.pdf
  • TD-13 Vinyl 12inch Label.pdf
  • TD-16 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Inner Sleeve (Standard).pdf

All templates are also available for individual download from the list below.


Popular CD/DVD Templates

4pp Digi Pouch

CD & Booklet in 4p Digipak with Pocket
This pack contains templates for Disc Onbody, Booklet and 4 Panel Digipak with Right Hand Tray and Left Hand Pocket.:

  • TD-18 CD-DVD Onbody Print Standard.pdf
  • TD-19 Booklet for Standard Jewel Cases.pdf
  • TD-45 CD Digipak 4 Panel 1 Tray & Pocket.pdf

All templates are also available for individual download from the list below.


Our full list of Templates

Full list of available templates in PDF format
Reference Description Download*
TD-01 Vinyl 7inch Sleeve PDF
TD-02 Vinyl 7inch Sleeve with Label Hole PDF
TD-03 Vinyl 7inch Sleeve 3mm Spine PDF
TD-05 Vinyl 10inch Sleeve 3mm Spine PDF
TD-07 Vinyl 10inch Sleeve (Discobag) with centre hole PDF
TD-08 Vinyl 10inch Inner Sleeve PDF
TD-09 Vinyl 10inch Label PDF
TD-10 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Sleeve 3mm Spine PDF
TD-11 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Sleeve no Spine (Discobag) PDF
TD-12 Vinyl 12inch Picture Disc Label PDF
TD-13 Vinyl 12inch Label PDF
TD-14 Vinyl 12inch 2x LP Gatefold Sleeve 6mm Spine PDF
TD-15 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Inner Sleeve (with centre hole) PDF
TD-16 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Inner Sleeve (Standard) PDF
TD-17 Vinyl 7inch Label both formats PDF
TD-18 CD-DVD Onbody Print Standard PDF
TD-19 CD Booklet for Standard Jewel Cases PDF
TD-20 CD Jewel Case Back Inlay PDF
TD-21 DVD Case Insert for Standard DVD Cases PDF
TD-22 Standard for DVD Cases PDF
TD-23 CD-DVD Card Wallet Standard PDF
TD-24 CD DigiPak 4 Panel 1 Tray PDF
TD-25 CD DigiPak 4 Panel 2 Trays PDF
TD-26 DVD DigiPak 4 Panel 1 Tray PDF
TD-27 DVD DigiPak 4 Panel 2 Trays PDF
TD-28 CD Digipak 6pp 1 Tray PDF
TD-29 CD Digipak 6pp 2 Trays PDF
TD-30 CD Digipak 6pp 3 Trays PDF
TD-31 DVD Digipak 6pp 1 Tray PDF
TD-32 DVD Digipak 6pp 2 Trays PDF
TD-33 DVD Digipak 6pp 3 Trays PDF
TD-34 CD Digipak 4pp with Smiley Slot PDF
TD-35 DVD Digipak 4pp with Smiley Slot PDF
TD-36 CD Digipak 8pp 1 Tray PDF
TD-37 CD Digipak 8pp 2 Tray PDF
TD-38 CD Digipak 8pp 3 Tray PDF
TD-39 DVD Digipak 8pp 1 Tray PDF
TD-40 DVD Digipak 8pp 2 Trays PDF
TD-41 DVD Digipak 8pp 3 Trays PDF
TD-42 CD Digipak 6pp 2 Trays, Centre Booklet Slot PDF
TD-43 CD Digipak 6pp 1 Pocket 2 Trays PDF
TD-44 CD DigiPak 4 Panel 1 Tray & 1 Slot PDF
TD-45 CD DigiPak 4 Panel 1 Tray & Pocket PDF
TD-46 Vinyl 12inch 1x LP Gatefold Sleeve 6mm Spine PDF
TD-47 Casebound Book Cover PDF
TD-48 Casebound Book Endpaper PDF
TD-49 Booklet - Casebound Book PDF
TD-50 CD Digipak 6pp 1 Center Tray PDF
TD-52 CD Card Wallet Lancing Pack 1mm Spine PDF
*If you need a different format than PDF please contact us !
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