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We at Takt Direct are one of the largest vinyl pressing plants in Europe, we specialise in every aspect of record manufacturing and packaging. With offices in the UK and mainland Europe, you can connect to us locally wherever you are.

For the record:

  • One-stop manufacturing from mastering to distribution
  • 50+ years experience in making high-quality vinyl records
  • Faster turnaround times than you’d get anywhere else
  • Wide range of exciting colour and special effects choices
  • Innovative design and concept packaging solutions

Our team of vinyl record pressing professionals covers every key production stage. From sound engineers to artisan press operators right across to print & packaging experts, we deliver a perfect result every time.

Let's focus on your pressing matters. We are Takt Direct!

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We recruited the finest technicians and sound engineers, relying on the experience of men and women that have been pressing records in the 1970s and 1980s when lacquer cutting was the traditional method...

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The Mastering...

We lathe cut your master lacquer as we believe, when skilfully and expertly prepared, lathe cut lacquers are the basis for a superior product because of its warmer sound properties and the capability of a more dynamic bass range.

The sound engineers in our mastering department draw from years of experience whilst passionately keeping pace with musical trends & innovation. This wealth of knowledge is the foundation for masterfully cut lacquers to achieve the perfect end result.

Neumann Cutting Lathe

Manual 12" Vinyl Pressing machines

The Pressing...

We have modern automatic lines to provide capacity and flexibility as needed. Our old school manual presses are ideal for special colour effects, haze or swirl, simple marbling or multi-colour splatter and half & half colour combos.

We have a vast range of transparent and opaque vinyl colours to choose from. If you have a very specific requirement, we also manufacture bespoke vinyl production in Pantone or RAL colours to perfectly match your artwork or designs.

The Print & Packaging...

Unarguably, nothing beats the popularity of the standard record sleeve, but what about if you want to make a unique impact with a limited collector’s edition, boxset or exclusive release? When an upgrade to special finishing or gatefold sleeve is simply not enough?

That’s when our concept engineers come into play. We develop, prototype and produce any type of packaging conceivable. Whether it’s wood, metal, multi-facetted cardboard, acrylic or mixed material, we assemble and deliver a highly customised solution.

Heidelberg Printing Press

Range view of CD pressing lines

CD & DVD Work...

Naturally, we have large scale CD & DVD manufacturing to compliment multi-format releases. Our daily capacity is in the 100s of thousands and we offer a wide variety of packing options from the simple wallet to industry favorites such as Digipaks or jewel cases, as well as any kind of slipcase and book bound options.

Everything we do is in-house on our own printing, finishing and glueing lines. We ship anywhere in the world; to you directly or into distribution.

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We have currently 3 locations in Europe. Our Takt Direct GmbH headquarters is in Austria and we have branches in the United Kingdom and Poland. You can place orders through a branch nearest to you or deal with whoever you prefer.

We offer the same consistent service throughout the network.

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