The Power of Packaging

For any type of multimedia product, presentation is key. We understand that producing iconic music packaging requires attention to detail and a passion for perfection. With over two decades of experience to draw on, our team of packaging experts are on hand with everything under one roof – from design, prepress and prototyping to printing, assembly and distribution.

We produce high quality traditional packaging often including extra merchandise such as posters and printed inserts. However, we also like raise the bar by offering unique solutions. We work with wood and metal manufacturers as well as composite material artists to create one-off artefacts for product launches and unique small run collector’s pieces.

At Takt Direct we constantly push the boundaries of physical packaging for Vinyl and CD releases as we believe that great music deserves equally spectacular visually stimulating packaging.
For us, volume is never an issue. We have substantial capacity for sheet-fed and web printing as well as digital print. We also have state-of-the-art equipment for printing and finishing high quality board-based packaging.

We work with a range of supplied artwork formats to manufacture professional quality components. As with our digital duplication solutions, we manage anything from small, niche product runs to large-scale orders.